Baskets, PoucheS, and More

basket photo with uses.jpg
Hanging pouch grouping ideas.jpg

Created originally as stand alone  pieces,

there are 2 Main Basket styles:

BASKETS are designed to stand but can be hung by attaching some picture wire to the collar in the back.​

POUCHES are intended to hang on a wall, door, or door knob, but can also be placed on a stand.

Areca Palm  $30-$45

X-Small $30(4"X 3"x 5")   Small $35(5"x4"x5")   Medium $40(5"X4"X7")   Large $45(6"x4"x7")        

Manila Palm  $85


Alexander Palm  $110-$160

Medium $110(7"x7"x12)   Large $130(10"x7"x14")   X-Large $160(12"x7"x18")