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Baskets, Pouches and More

Created originally as just stand alone pieces, there are 2 Main Styles-

  • Baskets are designed to stand but can be hung by attaching some picture wire to the collar in the back

  • Pouches intended to hang on a wall, door, or door knob, but can also be placed on a stand

  1. There are a variety of sizes, prices, and selection of adornments to choose from. The sizes are all approximate and intended to give you a general idea on size.  (If you have specific size needs please contact me directly via email). 

  2. In addition to the size you choose the central adornment you like. Since no two baskets are ever created alike, the main element will be on your basket but many of the other plants parts may change based on availability(a green Protea leaf and a pink Mgambo seed pod is included on each one regardless of design.

  3. Each product includes a tag listing all of the plants used and care instructions are attached. 

  4. They are intended for indoor use-they do not hold water and if adding a plant, a liner must be added.  

  5. They should also be kept away from direct sun.  With proper care (adding a light coat of baby oil several times per year) they should last for many years.

  6. As far as use, customers have come up with many: add a glass for fresh cut or dried flowers, a plant,  bottle of wine, kitchen utensils, potpourri, towels, remotes, and anything else your imagination allows! 

Areca Palm $30-$45

X-Small $30(4"X 3"x 5")   Small $35(5"x4"x5")   Medium $40(5"X4"X7")   Large $45(6"x4"x7")


Manila Palm $85


Alexander Palm  $110-$160

Medium $110(7"x7"x12)   Large $130(10"x7"x14")   X-Large $160(12"x7"x18")

Pouches $40-$55 

Small $40(4"x3"x6")   Medium $45(4"X3"x8")   Large-$50(4"X4"x10")  X-Large-$55(4"x4"x12")

Other Items -Ornaments, Tree Topper, Bud Vase

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