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Handmade on Kauai by me, Amy Christmas and my husband Ron-a passion which became our business!  We have been creating and perfecting them for more than 20 years.  The baskets are assembled from a wealth of recycled local plant materials. The primary element which forms the basket itself is the base of a single palm frond. There are several varieties of palms we use, each offering a different size, color, and texture.  The baskets are also adorned with unique combinations of other indigenous plant parts including leaves, pods, fruits, branches, and flowers.  The natural earth-tones accentuate any decor while the various sizes offer endless possibilities for display.  They are "Pieces of Paradise" made with Aloha that reflect the beauty of the  "Garden Isle" and will truly be treasured by all who receive them.

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             Following a strong desire to escape the hustle and bustle of the mainland, we moved to Kauai about 30 years ago. Ron made the exploratory trip and he convinced me to take the leap of faith and move here sight unseen-we have never regretted that decision!  


I had a degree in Landscape Horticulture from The Ohio State University so was definitely in awe of our surroundings from the moment we arrived.  Here, all of the plants were new to us.   I had to forget about the Maples, Dogwoods, and Oaks from the Midwest and learn about a different classification of plants.  I became quickly immersed in the volunteer program as a tour guide for the National Tropical Botanical Garden.  


One day while hiking and experiencing the natural beauty of Kauai, Ron and I came across some fallen palm fronds.  Their rich colors, textures, and pliability offered inspiration.  I had made baskets from other materials in the past on the mainland, so after seeing an example of this heritage craft, I began to manipulate the fronds into baskets.  Other dried, and locally foraged Kauai plant materials were also collected to further adorn and enhance each basket.  "Much of the fun is in gathering and finding new components to use while continually using your creativity.  It makes you look at nature in a new way, with more attention to detail. You appreciate the natural beauty of each pod, leaf, branch, or flower.”


The baskets are our way of sharing the spectacular natural beauty of Kauai with others.  The organic colors and textures fit any type of decor and appeal to almost any taste.  We both are quite aware that Kauai is a very wondrous and unique place and that all of the visitors who come here are quick to realize this.  We feel that anyone giving or receiving one of our baskets is actually acquiring a small "Piece of Paradise", literally. With each basket comes the essence and aloha of Kauai, and is a unique way to bring back many joyous memories of a special time spent in Hawaii.

Being Kauai Made- Hawaiian Palm Baskets
Kauai flora turned into art

We are proud to be one of the charter licensed members of the Kauai Made Program.  Screening is County regulated to ensure you are getting a product that is "actually" made here.  Please support our local businesses!

Articles about our business

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2009 Winner for

Home Business


"I have collected crafts from all over the world for more than 40 years and your baskets are some of the most original and beautiful things I have seen.  The entire process of collecting the plant materials, preparing them and making the baskets by hand is something found in so few crafts"


John-Oregonia, OH


" We returned to Nebraska and the wonderful box filled with your creations  awaited us.  It was a treat to open it and recall our wonderful time in Paradise"

Polly-Lincoln, NE

"I just wanted to get back to you to tell you how many wonderful comments your baskets received from our guests! In particular, I appreciated your note about them being made for Callie and Brian's big event!!"


Where to Find Us on Kauai

*Due to Covid-19 All of our usual locations are not open to guests.  We estimate this will continue until August 31st, 2020 and will wait for word from the hotels as to when we can return-please check back for updates! 


Made in Hawaii is Virtual this year and we will be participating-August 21st-23rd.

Watch for more info coming!

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Westin Ocean Villas

Outside the Restaurant-Princeville, HI



Kauai Marriott Beach Club

Above the Pool-

Lihue, HI



Kauai Marriott Beach Club

Above the Pool-

Lihue, HI



Grand Hyatt Kauai

Outside Ilima Terrace-

Poipu, HI


Grand Hyatt Kaui

Outside Ilima Terrace-

Poipu, HI



Kauai Marriott Waiohai

Just off the lobby-

Poipu, HI


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cell: 808-652-1502

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